• The Republic of Armenia has been a member of the IAEA since 1993 and has received significant technical assistance within the framework of the IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) program. About 50 national projects have been implemented, and at present 7 national projects are implemented. In addition, RA participates in about 20 regional project under the IAEA technical cooperation in the following areas: nuclear and radiation safety improvement, safe management of radioactive waste, strengthening the emergency preparedness and response capabilities, development of nuclear medicine, food safety, etc. The RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures, the RA Ministry of Health, the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Armenian NPP and more than 20 authorities and organizations participate in the workshops and training courses organized under the IAEA TC program.

The Country Programme Framework (CPF) for the Republic of Armenia for 2018-2023 was signed on September 18, 2018. The CPF establishes the following priority areas for the technical cooperation with the IAEA:

1. Strengthening the national legal and regulatory infrastructure for nuclear and radiation safety and security, radioactive waste management safety, and transport safety

2. Licensing of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant for long term operation

3. Improving environmental radiation monitoring to control water and food contamination and releases and discharges due to nuclear and radiological accidents

4. Improving medical imaging and radiotherapy services

5. Strengthening the nuclear safety, reliability and radiation protection for the lifetime extension and operation of the Armenian NPP.

Significant support is provided by the IAEA in the field of healthcare, particularly in the field of radiation oncology and radiation therapy, for personnel training and provision of diagnostic equipment.

Considerable support is provided for strengthening the regulatory capabilities of ANRA, in particular for the personnel training and retraining, strengthening the safety assessment capabilities, expert advise in the effective implementation of regulatory functions and in other directions.

The following national projects are implemented the framework of the technical cooperation with the IAEA:

  • ·ARM0007 “Establishing a Master Study Programme in Nuclear Technology Management in Universities”
  • ·ARM2005 “Enhancing Nuclear Safety for the Extended Design Operation Lifetime of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant”
  • ·ARM7001 “Improving Mercury Monitoring Capacities to Meet the Requirements of the Minamata Convention”
  • ·ARM6004 “Improving the Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy and Medical Imaging”
  • ·ARM1001 “Ensuring Inspections of the Nuclear Power Plant are Conducted by Staff Certified in Non-Destructive Testing”
  • ·ARM9029 “Strengthening the National Regulatory Framework for Nuclear and Radiation Safety for Licensing Long Term Operation of the Nuclear Power Plant Unit”
  • ·ARM9026 “Strengthening Armenian Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 Operational Safety In Line with International Practices”.