Nuclear Safety

  • 01. Are the radiation safety and protection requirements the same for all types of ionizing radiation sources?

    No, they are not. The safety and protection requirements of ionizing radiation sources depend on category of danger of those sources .

  • 02. What type of “tools” are used in international practice and/or in Armenia to control ionizing radiation sources, taking into account their danger?

    In order to control ionizing radiation sources the following measures are taken:

    • • Creation and modernization of regulatory legal system according to international leading practice,
    • • state registration of sources,
    • • licensing of activities with sources,
    • • licensing of people, working with sources,
    • • regular monitoring of the issued license conditions compliance with the safety and protection requirements (inspections).
  • 03. What are the measures to be undertaken by the legal entities and individuals working with such sources to ensure the radiation safety and protection of personnel and population, taking into account the danger coming from ionizing radiation sources?

    For the radiation safety and protection of personnel and population, the legal entities and individuals should undertake the following measures:

    • • To be aware of the legal documents in the field of radiation safety and protection related to their activities,
    • • To organize regular training and retraining of personnel working with radiation sources on issues related to radiation safety and protection,
    • • To implement terms and conditions of license granted,
    • • To implement regular radiation monitoring of the personnel and workplace,
    • • To provide the personnel with necessary special protective means.
  • 04. Are there any radiation limits/restrictions for people working with radiation sources or for other ones?

    Yes, there are. The dose limits, both for personnel working with radiation sources and for other ones, are established in articles 15 and 32 of the radiation safety norms approved under the RA Government Decree № 1219 as of 18.08.2006.

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